Zinc is essential in our life, important for human health, plant growth, steel protection and many uses, if you look around, anything has zinc inside its formation.

Merital Metal Industries knows the importance of zinc and for that we are specialists in zinc recycling, recovery and production with long experience over 30 years.

We are Egyptian share holding company and our facilities located in 6th october industrial city on area about 15000 square meters.

As a zinc producer with a long tradition we are able to offer you a broad variety of products for several applications like zinc ingots, zamak, zinc oxide, zinc ash and zinc dust to serve many industries like Galvanization, die casting, Brass, pharmaceuticals , Ceramic, Rubber, glass, Paints, Agriculture and Feed additive

Our mission is to satisfy our customers and to meet their requirements, for that we always develop our production lines with state of art technology and we give the priority to quality terms and standards

As a result Merital products covers the Egyptian market, and exporting to many of surrounding countries and still more going on to help you ……